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background to the devalive & sineflesh project:

Devalive and Sineflesh originally met at Kingston University in the early 1990s while studying for an Illustration Degree, and have been actively involved in the music and art scene for many years. Both cite influences from a wide range of experimental and electronic music over the last 40 years - particularly that known as ‘Krautrock’ (including Faust, Neu!, Cluster, Harmonia, Can, early Kraftwerk etc), Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, and indeed anything ‘interesting’ that came out of the late 1970s and 80s. 

Love under Section - the first 7” vinyl single release from the experimental music duo Devalive & Sineflesh

The two tracks are the result of a collaboration between the two artists. Devalive supplied the original field recordings taken in India as well as original vocal ideas, while Sineflesh responded with electronic soundtracks and distorted guitar. The original sessions, consisting of some dozen segments recorded live in Sineflesh Studio, were conducted in an atmosphere of spontaneity with the duo constructing a range of sonic and rhythmic soundscapes that centred on Devalive’s spoken word pieces. The final two tracks, chosen for this release, were overdubbed with more synthesisers and guitar by Sineflesh in response to Devalive’s feedback, over many weeks. The final result, edited to fit the single format, was mastered by Sineflesh.


what they said:

"Navigating similar dark terrain to Barry Mordant and Various Productions. Twisted, industrial gloomy electronic experiments - check this!" (Sounds of the Universe)


"Limited 7". Perverted field recordings and twisted industrial break downs from the duo collaboration of Devalive and Sineflesh. These two tracks are the result of field recordings taken in India slathered over with distorted vocal ideas, with Sineflesh's contributions of screeching guitar and unsettling electronics. These two disturbed tracks are the result of the back-and-forth that existed between the two artists," (Rough Trade)


"Lots of tremolo shapes a repeating percussive beat while the melody line is built up out of a sweeping filter. A very well-executed maneuver. The bit-crushed video game talking returns and says something about love. Look, the beats on both tracks are too slow to dance to. The vocals are too bizarre and non-melodic to sing along to. It is too moody to play at a party and too short to trance out to. They are good songs, I just have no idea what to do with them." (Heathen Harvest)


Love under section limited edition signed 7" single

love under section 7" vinyl
8.00 GBP

The first release by devalive & sineflesh - love under section is a limited edition 7" vinyl single which includes a sticker and postcard, first 20 copies signed by the artists.

cover of Love Under Section 7" single Pagham Beach shot D&S001 devalive & sineflesh love under section limited 7" vinyl single

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