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"...the Norfolk and Suffolk landscape, both coastal and inland, holds an irresistible fascination for me and I am inspired to capture this inexhaustible source of inspiration in my paintings".

My work is inspired by the love of the Waveney Valley, bordering the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, particularly the river valley at Earsham and Bungay, and the inexhaustible variety of coastal scenery at places like Dunwich and Covehithe - areas I have known all my life.


Working in oil on canvas, I have a grounding in traditional landscape painting while my current output sees me developing my personal style using paint manipulation techniques such as dripping, blotting and splattering. This spontaneous way of working embraces my love of the spirit of chance and randomness - seize the happy accident!


My 30 year history in graphic design, photography and illustration manifests itself in the way that I frame and develop each piece, with a tightly designed final image and details sometimes picked out in gold leaf giving a decorative twist.


Many of my working methods were developed while studying at Wimbledon School of Art and Kingston University, including a love of printmaking which I also incorporate in my work. Currently (until 2022) I am working on developing my practice in different directions and exploring a range of ideas and concepts as part of a MA Fine Art course at Norwich University of the Arts. I am excited to discover how my work, and the attitude towards experimenting with processes and materials, is developing along many avenues. It is beginning to move away from the current course and take on a whole new context. Experimenting with materials such as sand and fire as well as facing the challenge of controlling the process of rusting on metal has become a main feature of my investigations.


Also check out my Youtube channel for more videos of experiments.


The influence of synesthesia is a permanent feature of my work, influencing the way I see colour in my painting - especially when combined with my music compositions.


I work on about ten to fifteen paintings at any one time - all in different stages of development and all beginning with a series of random and unplanned sessions of splashing, dripping and blotting. This continues until I am happy with the canvas and am ready to take it to the next stage - that of bringing in more traditional painting methods in areas like skylines, water and distant views between the trees, and generally introducing the context, refining colours and so on.


Over 300 works are held in private collections and I have exhibited extensively locally and nationally, with many successful shows.


In addition to working as an artist, I am also a photographer, illustrator and graphic designer as well as an electronic music composer and recording artist. More about this can be seen on the 'audio projects' page.



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