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The Zawadzki studio | gallery is an exciting new venture, now open in Bungay


paintings on dosplay in Zawadzki studio | gallery window Zawadzki studio | gallery window


Exciting news - I have opened my very own art studio/gallery in Bungay. This is mainly a means of promoting and showing my own work although I will look at hosting other local artists' work in the future - who knows where it will take me?


The gallery is at 24A Upper Olland Street, Bungay NR35 1BH, next door to our other business - D fur dogs grooming salon and FoxyBlueGifts shop.


Visitors to the studio will be able to see work in progress and previews of new work as well as having a chat about my practice.


Expected opening hours and arrangements are by appointment only, so I am asking visitors to contact me to arrange the visit. If I'm in the area then I can normally be there in a matter of minutes otherwise we can agree a time. If I'm in the studio you could try knocking on the door. . . 


phone: 07786957395

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Instagram: search for artbearUK or paulzawadzki - VISIT NOW

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