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Working as a graphic designer/artist/photographer for many years and always having been involved in the creative industry where possible, has given me a vast and wide range of useful experience and knowledge of the graphic arts - particularly the pre-digital techniques (printing methods, typography, repro etc), which I feel are in danger of being forgotten but have relevance and can be referenced in modern graphics - I feel this is an important element in driving the industry forward.

As a fine artist I work and regularly exhibit my oil paintings (based on the landscape of the Waveney Valley, East Anglia), as Artbear

I have working experience of photo-journalism and magazine production while working as editor of the John Lewis Norwich in-house weekly 'Chronicle' publication.

Music production is also an important area for me - I operate a domestic recording studio where I compose, record and produce my own electronic keyboard-based music under the name of Sineflesh

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