sineflesh recording studio images

photos of sineflesh recording studio 2015 onwards (thanks to David Nice for some of these photos)

sineflesh studio equipment

synthesisers etc:


  • Roland V-Synth
  • Roland Juno D
  • Roland SH32
  • Roland D10
  • Korg MS20 mini
  • Korg Arp Odyssey
  • Korg SQ1 sequencer
  • Korg MS2000
  • Korg EA1 Electribe
  • Korg Monotron delay
  • Arturia DrumBrute analogue drum synth
  • Akai Tom Cat analogue drum synth
  • Casio SK200 sampling keyboard
  • Yamaha DD55C electronic percussion
  • electric guitar, accordian, etc

mixing | recording | mastering


  • Boss ME70 multi FX unit
  • Digitech RP150 multi FX unit
  • Behringer 2442 Xenyx mixer
  • Mackie CFX MK11 16 mixer
  • Wharfdale Diamond 8.1 pro monitors
  • Behringer proXL 2600 compressor
  • Zoom 1608 digital studio
  • vintage reel to reel tape recorders 
  • recording and mastering using Cubase with Waves and Soundforge


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