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this a list of all 'official'  CD  and vinyl releases by paul zawadzki, sineflesh and devalive & sineflesh and any projects associated with these artists

listen to devalive&sineflesh

devalive & sineflesh - love under section parts one and two

D&S001 2012

limited edition 7" vinyl single


love under section part one - green side

love under section part two - blue side

NEW PROJECT COMING SOON. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

unreleased pieces and live unrehearsed recordings with Devalive - watch this space for D&S NEWS and an exciting NEW PROJECT featuring these and more coming soon. . .


love under section long ritual version

ashram song version 1 and 2 and wet dream version


a bulkier showgirls ilium

skating on thin ice

listen to sineflesh

sineflesh - songs and projects 2014 - 2017 only released on Soundcloud


digital goldfish

fist into glove


people have a disturbing tendancy to appear

skin is only skin deep

splinter in the mouth

tag und nach

time smiles

wave goodbye again

zyklus parts 1,2,3,4

ethereal dreams


rauschart parts 1 and 2

musik fur zyklische menschen part 1 and 2

run dog run version 2

time flys

one hand watches the other




sineflesh - somnambulist

SR2011 (not finally released)


hold my hand

solid dreams

sineflesh vs lost jockey

tasteless (with lost jockey)


waves part 2

now you see me now you don't

sineflesh - a million days




look into my eyes

a million days

free as an arrow

say it anyway

sineflesh - a thousand tired replicas



i see myself with marilyn monroe

a thousand tired replicas

ebbs and flows

swamp juice


sineflesh - too fast to stop



forget the rain


above the clouds

too fast to stop

look at you

sineflesh - automatic bacon



look at you!

automatic bacon

nite (featuring adam nice)

those were not my legs! (remix)

run dog run

sineflesh - normality over rubies



feed the hand that bites you

open your mind

in one eye and out of the other

normality over rubies

those were not my legs!

sineflesh - darkness at the edge




avoid eye contact


clock springs of hair

the jolliewas (feat jan zawadzki)

rocket's not easy

peel the flesh off

sineflesh - the return of current affairs



. . .and now here's penguins

the return of current affairs

grabbing thistles

cross your fingers

ears have walls

beneath the eyes

(as paul zawadzki) intransit 2005


slowlane driver                three piece suite

traintrax                           black forest dream

robotix in the morning     still walking

the mode                         a drive in the country

forever walking




sineflesh remix (with adam nice - original composition)




the unknowns part one and part two

get social with me

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