D fur dogs - dog grooming salon and boutique

PLEASE NOTE: D fur dogs will be opening as soon as the Government guidelines regarding Covid 19 will allow - WATCH THIS SPACE

Over 25 years experience in canine behaviour and grooming

D fur dogs, Bungay's first dog grooming salon and boutique, has been the brainchild of Ally Marriner and Paul Zawadzki.  It follows on from her previous successful grooming business in Spain - called Diva Dogs. 


You can read Ally's biog below.

After qualifying as a hairdresser in the 1980's, I worked in various salons throughout London and Surrey until moving into the retail sector for a number of years.
    I have always had a love of animals (but especially dogs) and, although not having the opportunity to have a dog of my own at that point, I enjoyed walking and showing friends dogs as often as I could, while reading and learning all about breeds and canine anatomy.
    In 1995 I took a "leap of faith" and left the UK to take up a new life in Spain where a friend suggested I consider a career in dog grooming. With my skills as a hairdresser and my love of dogs, I found work in a veterinary clinic and grooming salon. Here I gained qualifications and essential experience working with dogs and other small animals.
    Eight years later having studied dog psychology, I also became a canine behaviourist and opened my own veterinary clinic (employing three vets), incorporating a grooming salon, shop and an in-house hotel for dogs.
    Another "leap of faith" in 2019 saw me relocating back to the UK where I set up residence in Bungay, Suffolk and, together with my fiance Paul Zawadzki, opened Bungay's first canine grooming salon and boutique, called "d fur dogs" in 2020.
Throughout my life I have owned a huge variety of different pets, including iguanas, macaws, cats and dogs, horses, koi carp, ferrets, goats, sheep, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents, and now weshare our home with two chihuahuas and a standard poodle.

salon & boutique in progress

Ally with our three pups on a frosty morning at Bungay Castle 2020

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