artbear - paul zawadzki paintings of east anglia, the waveney valley and rural norfolk and suffolk

"the norfolk and suffolk landscape, both coastal and inland, holds an irresistible fascination for me and I am inspired to capture this inexhaustible source of inspiration in my paintings"

"As always Paul totally impresses with his pallette and forms, combining exciting and lively shapes and drafting with hues and shades speaking of peace, tranquillity and beauty. I cannot fault his works. In addition he is totally approachable, friendly, and has no hint of the diva about him. If I had more walls I would have more of his works."

Mr B, Liverpool


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exhibitions list of exhibitions - group and solo - and other significant events where my work has been viewed



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artbear at home in the studio

artist's statement  explaining why i am motivated to paint the way i do and the subject matter that inspires me




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commissions and sales information on how to buy my work and what to consider when commissioning



work in progress my painting 'blue pines', oil on canvas, 76 X 101cm, is used as the main background image on this website - photos of me working on this painting can be seen in the 'work in progress' image gallery

blue pines by paul zawadzki

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